Custom Web Production and Solutions

Your online portfolio is a presentation of your company's culture and reputation
Web production

Your company’s web portfolio serves as the mirror that reflects your business niche, and company reputation as a whole. Your web portfolio helps in building your reputation in the online environment, which is an influential element of modern business growth. Our solutions and approach to web production relies on the desire to ensure that websites, applications, online marketing and mobile technology are compatible with each other and they target online environment.

The choice of a web production company is an important element that influences the success of your business in the online environment. Our team at COMPUON is made up of different experts, which enables us to practice dynamism. The team comprises of marketing experts, engineers, web designers, and developers who always provide excellent services when needed. We provide online solutions based on creativity and business adaptability, which will boost your company’s online presence and influence. COMPUON ensures that you get tailored web solutions by assessing your needs in the online environment, implementing the best system and monitoring them to enhance their sustainability.

Here at COMPUON, we provide excellent solutions to web production by simplifying complex modern online applications in a way that makes them responsive to your company’s needs. Therefore, COMPUON provides innovative solutions that depend on assessment and understanding of your business needs, and characteristics of your online environment. So, COMPUON is the one-stop shop if you need to boost your online presence, and build company reputation through increased brand awareness.

Web Application Development

Maximum performance without compromising flexibility, availability or security

COMPUON invests in promoting optimal business performance while taking into consideration challenges affecting web application development such as security, vulnerabilities, clean written code with comments, documentation, copyright issues, structure, framework, QA and stress testing, availability, and flexibility.

Our dynamic and experienced team is capable of managing complex web projects that highlight all areas of your business. COMPUON believes in development of web applications that invest in enhancing usability, scalability and browser capability, especially mobile technology. Our web solutions are secure due to COMPUON’s investment in developing applications with distinct security frameworks that replace the traditional applications.

COMPUON’s dynamic team consists of web programmers, cloud engineers and administrators, web designers and marketers, mobile app specialists and interactive web application developers. The team’s experience enables easy testing of applications and integrating emerging technologies in web design and other technological practices in the digital environment. We deliver custom-made solutions whose delivery framework is based on an advanced and flexible lifecycle of plan-design-build-test-run. Our delivery framework helps in taking into consideration your specific business needs, which enhances application’s suitability and sustainability. COMPUON is the bridge to your future success because we provide application development services that improve your business’ strategic value throughout time.

Website Design and Development

We make the most effective websites to engage audience and deliver business value

The website has become the link between your business and the online environment. Each business needs an effective website that engages your online community with the core business’ niche and value.

Our team creates websites for different sizes and types of businesses. We design websites that appeal to the online needs of different consumers, as well as consider size of your company, your objectives, business culture, and core business processes. Our interest is not limited to meeting the needs of achieving online presence but rather strategic incorporation of business processes, culture, objectives and reputation in the online environment.

Website development for your business may seem as the most challenging task, going by the specifications, and process integration requirements. Our understanding of these requirements coupled with our investment in developing websites that meet your basic business needs enables us simplify the website development process, which enhances efficiency. COMPUON helps you develop websites that not only address your company’s processes but also the core business niche, which helps in building your online reputation. COMPUON develops custom-made websites that take care of emerging business needs and developments in the online business environment. Partner with us today for a tailor-made website for your business.

Website Hosting

Offering agility, fault tolerance, fast VMs, lower costs, and scalabilty

Tired of data loss, downtimes and inefficient online communications? We have a mélange of web hosting solutions that will help you deal with these inefficiencies. Our web hosting services will enhance sustainability of your business regarding production, marketing and customer relations. We will introduce professionalism in your company through services that will revolutionize business communications. We use VMs to host our websites, always available and built using a decentralized, distributed and highly efficient architecture allowing a VM to transfer over to another physical server transparently, maintaining its session performance should the need arise. All our web hosting services are backed by the strongest Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees and delivers 100% uptime, zero packet loss, ultra-low latency and near instant response times.

Our web hosting services consider your online vulnerabilities, as well as the needs, operations and nature of your organization. We also develop strong encryption procedures that maintain the security of data, operations and business niche in the online environment. Our desire is to provide web hosting services that not only focus on communications but also organizational sustainability. COMPUON offers range of managed web hosting services such as powerful and fast cloud servers, dedicated servers, VPS, shared web hosting, website and database disaster recovery (DRaaS) servers, co–location services, domain registration and a wide range of SSL certificates using the strongest encryption available ensuring your websites are well protected.

By making use of our strategic and technological partnerships, we are able to deploy any hosting system to help you store, protect and manage your company's most valuable assets within highly secured environments. Our team of support engineers is available 24 hours each day, which enhances prompt response to emerging problems with your business’ needs.

Tailored Online Marketing Solutions

Integrated digital marketing, lead generation and social media engagement

Online marketing is the tool of improved business performance in the digital era. We offer online marketing applications and strategies that capture the place, price, product and promotion (marketing mix) in one platform. To succeed online your business needs a digital marketing partner that not only understands this journey but also construct an effective online marketing strategy, with the purpose of illustrating your brand as the “best choice” wherever potential clients may be looking be it web search, social media, industry media or email marketing.

The benefit of our services regards provision of online marketing services that meet different organizational objectives, which saves on the costs of business operations. COMPUON offers professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and digital marketing consultancy services to organizations of all sizes as part of an integrated digital marketing package. Our team engages in continuous research in order to ensure that our SEO and SEM services meet the requirements and standards set by all search engines.